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Thrive with Tailor-Made Merchant Services

With TransAct you can thrive with tailor-made merchant services, you don’t need to be satisfied with canned solutions. As a concierge provider, we work to learn about your business and adjust the platform to be specific for your needs today and into the future.

Whether it is security or enhanced customer experience, TransAct can work with you to make your business stand out from the competition. Here are a few examples of our we can customize your merchant services.

Security Settings That Fit Your Business

Recently we became aware of overnight pfishing attempts. We instituted new settings working hand in hand with several clients to lock down online payment processing. These were completed to align with specific parameters that fit the client’s business.

For example, some chose special guidelines for the hours between 10PM until 5AM. Others chose hours when their office is closed. Some can turn it on and off when they log off for the day.

In other words, we can work one on one with each client in this type of update. In addition, we established thresholds that would be specific to the average client invoice – anything lower or higher would be flagged for manager approval and stay in pending status.

This has helped to reduce unapproved transactions, charge backs on stolen card numbers and reduced fees for the client.

Custom Receipt Messaging

Using a POS System or other billing system to engage with the customer in a better way.

Want your receipt to reflect the way to speak to customers? No problem. What do you really want to say?

  • Thank you
  • Thanks
  • You’re the best
  • We couldn’t do our job without you see you again soon!


  • Hey, we wouldn’t be here without you – thanks for stopping in today – see you tomorrow!Add a variety of communication points to reflect your brand, positioning or advice to clients.

Add a variety of communication points to reflect your brand, positioning or advice to clients. Add them to your loyalty program, incorporate follow up e-mails to check in on payments, or ask them for an online review.

Ask us for help with other tailor-made merchant services that fit your business and your industry.

Text2Pay, EFT, E-mail invoicing

Mix and match what works for you and eliminate paper invoices that take time, cost you (postage, printing, people’s effort) and get paid faster.

Ask the customer how they prefer to pay, or even how they want to receive communications from you.

Your business didn’t come out of a box, you created the brand and the products to make a unique experience for your customers. Working with a concierge provider offers you the flexibility with tailor-made merchant services that are different and custom to you.

Integration of POS, Inventory and Accounting to Unlock the Data

Get access to the information that helps drive your business today not a month from now. Whether it is sales, order turnaround, net income or staff overhead these are the tools that you need today!

No matter what you need (or don’t even know you can do) TransAct is your partner to help your business grow from month to month and in the years to come! Schedule a free consult today.