The Five Best Payment Processing Tools For Tax Preparers

We all know that the 2020 and now the 2021 tax seasons have become longer than ever. Having more work to do, even with additional time, means that you have to be efficient in both billing and collecting payments. This is essential to your business. Here are the five best payment processing tools for tax preparers.

Let’s be honest. Digital is really on-trend and all of these utilize some sort of technology – BUT, being secure is also essential. All of our top 5 are safe and secure when conducted through the TransAct merchant services platform.

Since last year and over the last few years, we have added new tools to help clients quickly bill and get paid for tax, bookkeeping, and accounting services.

  1. Mobile Payments
  2. Pay by QR code
  3. Text to Pay
  4. Secure Payment Portal
  5. E-checks

Mobile Payments

Completely contactless and safe, mobile payment options are fast, easy, and more readily available through many businesses today – which means that customers are comfortable with the technology.

These are definitely on our list for tax professionals because you already have the trust of your client. Be sure to help them pay their fee quickly and easily when you are done with their documents for this tax season.

Pay by QR Code

If your customer is in your office collecting their tax returns, or quarterly tax payment forms it is easy to use the QR code system so they can pay before they leave the office. This is completely contactless and allows for quick, secure, and easy payment via their preferred method.

Text to Pay

Also relatively new to the payment scene, early adopters have been using text to pay for years.

This may seem to be fairly complicated. However, with the right TransAct tools we can set this up quickly, utilize security systems, and speed up payment time for services.

Secure Payment Portal

Several of our clients have set up a secure payment portal that is on your website and can be on the same page as your contact information, request to schedule an appointment, or the platform you use to share secure documents. When a client accesses their tax returns or paperwork they can be requested to pay their invoice. This will streamline the process, eliminate paper billing, and speed up the time to collect.


Although last on our list, this is an option that has helped many of our clients to address the preference for payment via another method than a credit card. Whether it is the client who prefers to pay by check, or you would like to reduce the expenses associated with credit card payment processing, an E-check process may be right for you and your office this year.

All of these options can be easily set up and implemented this tax season, without hardware depending on the systems you have in your office currently. Contact us today to schedule a quick consult and find out which of these five options will work for you to reduce overhead, eliminate expenses, streamline the payment process, and shorten the time to pay.