Top Five Payment Tools For CPAs, Bookkeepers and Accountants

The last couple of years has been rough to say the least. We are looking ahead to having a little more stability and improving the efficiency for processing invoices and collecting payments from clients. As the year end approaches, here is our updated list of top five payment tools for CPAs, Bookkeepers and Accountants.

Digital is still on-trend and growing, and will continue to do so for the near term. Each of these payment solutions utilize technology and enhanced security, too. Each of these top 5 payment processing tools are not only easy to use, they are secure when used in conjunction with the TransAct merchant services platform.

Add new payment tool options to help your clients quickly bill and get paid for bookkeeping, tax consulting and preparation, as well as financial and accounting services.

  1. Text to Pay
  2. Pay by QR code
  3. Mobile Payments
  4. E-checks
  5. Click and Tap to Pay

Text to Pay

Moving to the top of our list as more companies adapt Text2Pay because customers and clients have become comfortable with smart phone payment processing tools. This is the newest option in the payment toolbox even though many companies, even professional services providers, have been using text to pay for years.

Using the right TransAct tools our team can set this up quickly, utilize security systems, and speed up payment time for services.

Pay by QR Code

Whether your customer is in your office collecting their quarterly paperwork, extended filing tax returns, or connecting with you on end of year planning, make it easy to pay using a QR code. This system helps them pay before they leave the office with a quick and secure link.

They can still make their payment via a preferred method – check or credit card. You can also print this code on mailed or e-mailed invoices and eliminate the need to have a customer type in a URL to make their online payment.

Mobile Payments

Fast and easy to use, mobile payment options are completely contactless and safe. if you have not made this option readily available yet, you should. Today there are even less “paper checks” being processed, whether the customer chooses to skip the old-school banking procedure or they find it simply easier to use their phone, make this available.


Moving up on our list, this has helped many of our clients to address the preference for payment via another method than a credit card. Whether it is the client who prefers to pay by check, or you would like to reduce the expenses associated with credit card payment processing, an E-check process may be an alternative to consider.

Click and Tap to Pay

Combining this with a traditional e-mail and updated mobile processing or “in office” terminal making credit card payments simple is always important. Whether a client accesses their tax paperwork in person or via secure e-mail transmission, you have multiple ways to streamline the process, eliminate paper billing, and speed up the time to collect.

No matter what you choose to use, these payment tools can be easily set up and implemented quickly and most often without new hardware. Contact us today to schedule a quick consult and find out which of these five options will work for you to reduce overhead, eliminate expenses, streamline the payment process, and shorten the time to pay.