The Ace in Your Pocket – Insider Tips for An Industry that Matters

In your company, who is the ace in your pocket? The person, group or supplier who you can call on to make everything work out at the last minute with all of the insider tips for an industry that matters to your business, every single day.

In any scenario, you need to have that back up plan.

Since we are visiting the gambling capital of the US (Las Vegas) this week for a conference, we thought we would cover some of those things that you can always lean on us to provide – even at the last minute.

PCI compliance guidance. If you see a fee on your statement, we can help offer an explanation for how to fix that problem.

Training for a new team member. Don’t have time to train the latest addition to your team, whether you are too busy, at an industry conference or, maybe even on vacation – no worries our team can do that for you.

Assistance in finding the right POS. Are you unsure of what you need and how to select the right system – we can help. Maybe you need to integrate gift cards, scheduling for clients and/or staff, setting up recurring payments, accounting management, mobile processing (and so many more features that serve you in your professional, services, restaurant or retail business.)

Today, more than ever in business, you should be the expert in your industry. You don’t have to be the expert when you can rely on someone who IS the expert in theirs. Want to connect? E-mail us and let us know what you want to know.