Technology Can Help You Stop Bugging Your Clients

In today’s world, technology can help you stop bugging your clients for payments. I know this seems pretty simple, and obvious, but even so, it is often looked at as being difficult, expensive or time-consuming.

It isn’t – or – it doesn’t have to be that way.

I am often surprised when I hear my colleagues in networking circles complain that they can’t get their clients to pay their invoice. It is even more surprising when the business owners who struggle sometimes to get paid are the ones who come out to help their customers in an emergency situation.

Seasonal businesses in the service industry, like HVAC contractors and pest control experts arrive to solve a problem. Think of the emergency: no heat, or a lack of air-conditioning when that first day of spring hits 90 degrees. Even worse, bees, termites or ants in your house.

These are people who should be paid promptly for their time – as should everyone who provides a valued service.

If you know someone who owns a business and is tired of not getting paid on time, and spends hours each week to bug clients for payments after 30 days, let them know that I can help. I can help them in about 20 minutes learn about simple technology to set up automatic billing, click to pay invoices and even mobile point-of-sale equipment to solve this problem.

Then, maybe they can stop bugging clients and be more productive using their time to attract more customers.

~ Mary Ann