Square or PayPal?

Think about what you need from a credit card merchant service company. Security. Service. Speed. If you are considering Square or Pay Pal – consider a custom solution from TransAct because we know that one shape does not fit all.

PayPal® added their mobile processing device “Triangle” to compete Square®. In the long run, is it really just a shape that you are looking for in credit card processing services? I hope not. We know you want to think out of the box and we can help.

TransAct never expects our clients to fit into one category of processing services because we know each business is unique and has specific needs to be effective, efficient and productive.

TransAct takes security very seriously, as the founder of the company, I came from the security industry and the needs of each business can vary greatly. Our PCI compliance programs are designed to suit your business, whether you are in financial services, accounting, medical, restaurants or retail.

We help you understand PCI compliance, following the latest industry guidelines to help you avoid charge backs and to know what you have to do to be compliant. We actively help our clients to complete this process – you don’t have to do it alone.

Our customer service platform is to provide each client with a dedicated Account Manager with industry experience, so you have immediate, knowledgeable customer service when you need it – whether you need training, answers to your specific questions or helping you get the most out of your merchant service program.

Many of our start up business clients briefly considered only accepting cash, but soon realize that they would lose a lot of business to competition. We make it a priority to get you the funding from your credit cards as quickly as possible and speed up the process recommending the right equipment, POS and platform to suit your cash flow needs.

Talk to us if you are thinking of adding credit card services to your emerging business, or upgrading from Square or PayPal. You will not pay more for a custom solution from TransAct.

~ Mary Ann