Spring Is The Right Season To Grow

Spring is around the corner and now is the perfect season to further grow and develop your business. Have you been looking for ways to streamline or improve your workflows to save time and money? If so, spring is the right season to grow!

Perhaps, you have been waiting to invest in your business with a new Point-of-Sale System, QuickBooks integration, mobile payment processing, or automated payment collections.  We have simple solutions that work with credit cards and checks – options that you can offer to your clients that make you stand out amongst your competition.

Seasonal businesses and mobile businesses have a huge opportunity this year to integrate mobile payments, automate invoice payments, web payments and more with field service management, too.  There are many new, yet simple technology solutions to collect payments even when clients are not home.

If you found yourself in situation we call “please pay your invoice” with any customers last year, be prepared to eliminate that wasted time.

We believe it is more beneficial to get those hours back, leaving you more time and energy which can be used to focus on helping your business grow.  We can help you automate payments, eliminating a potential issue of delayed payment processing.  This often happens inadvertently when team members forget to ask the customer to pay, the customer isn’t home to give them the check, or check payments being left in the truck past banking hours – all of these (and more) can delay deposits and hinder cash flow.

We know that your time is money which is why we make setup and transition simple and affordable. In fact, TransAct automation solutions for online and mobile payment options can be accomplished in 20 minutes or less, offering you new customer-centric options to help them pay the way they want, with a credit card, e-check or recurring payment plans.

Let us help you make this spring the best season yet with an easy and fast conversion to mobile processing.  If you have questions, we can help you weigh your options and make this season a spring to remember.

~ May Ann