SPA POS Alternatives for Your Business

Looking at the spa industry, it has definitely been a challenge, but there are good things coming! New Spa POS alternatives for your business can start your year off in a good mindset.

POS Systems For Spas

The right tools and equipment are essential for your wellness spa. Whether you offer massage, aesthetician or medical treatments, you need more than just a great team. You need reliable noise machines, wax warmers, facial steamers, and a high-quality audio sound system that will put your clients at ease.

Keeping your staff on the top of their game is easiest when they have the right support to manage the day-to-day. Your POS system has a lot to do with this.

You need an easy-to-schedule appointment management system, automatic recurring billing, and online integration to your Point Of Sale System. Plus, there are other tools that help with efficiency, reducing staff time and overhead. Even more today than yesterday.

Spa POS Software

Make sure that you have the most advanced technology available today, including a robust CRM, management for email marketing, staff scheduling, and integration with back office tools like QuickBooks.


Here are enhanced features that you have access to as well:

  • Easy to use subscription billing through the retail spa POS System
  • Integrated gift cards with a full gift card dashboard (manage active cards, redeemed cards, and outstanding balances)
  • Peak time activity for staffing so you can plan who you need in the spa and when

Contact us to schedule a one-on-one to learn more about great, new Spa POS systems. We can review your options, schedule time to convert, set up, and install as early as next month.

If you have been waiting for an alternative to Mind Body, you do not need to wait any longer. You have a choice and now, you can relax.