Smart Summer Series – Part 4 (Mobile Processing)

All this month, we have been focusing on technology that keeps your business (and your clients’ businesses) ahead of the curve. This is our “Smart Summer Series” – Part 4 (Mobile Processing).

Integrating mobile platforms for seasonal and service based businesses.

More and more, there are options for businesses, whether you work with clients and customers just during a limited season, or if you are out and about performing services in the field, at the client’s home or accepting deposits during an off-site consultation.

Every year, new TransAct Mobile Payment Solutions become available and we have the latest tools ready to go when you are. Check out the options available here:

    Level 1 – Bronze: 1 user & 1 device
    – A great fit for the single / sole proprietor or if you have just one person on your team who accepts payments
    Level 2 – Gold: Multiple users & 1 device
    – Perfectly sized (and priced) for a mobile sales or leader who accepts payments off site
    Level 3 – Platinum: Multiple users & multiple devices
    – Perfect for a team in the office or mobile and all accept payments from clients

Each of these options has the ability to accept an initial deposit and then set up recurring payments or billing in the office from the online management tools available. All options are able to integrate with QuickBooks, your TransAct Merchant Processing account and are swipe enabled with chip processing optional if needed in your business. Each one is of course PCI compliant with tools that help you remain safe and secure, too.

At this stage of technology advancements in our industry, there are many new options available and all create efficiency, flexibility and freedom to manage business in the office, from the road and even, (gasp) from vacation.

Let’s face it, when you own your own business, you are never truly away and yet now you can be; with the peace of mind to know that you are taking advantage of the latest tech. TransAct wants to help you relax for more than most of your time away from the business. After all, you deserve to take a break this summer – as long as you do it in a smart way that helps the revenues keep coming in even while you take that much deserved break.

Cheers to the rest of your summer!
~ Mary Ann