Smart Summer Series – Part 3 (Scheduling Software)

All this month, we are focusing on technology that keeps your business (and your clients’ businesses) ahead of the curve. This is our “Smart Summer Series” – Part 3 (Scheduling Software). We definitely recommend scheduling software for any business that can see a benefit – to help increase productivity, streamline operations and improve client relationships.

Integrating an online and in-house schedule management system for your recurring service business, whether you own a spa, personal training center, a wellness center, chiropractic office, hair or nail salon can really make a difference. It isn’t that difficult or expensive either.

Online scheduling for personal care and professional services based businesses are getting easier and easier, without costing as much as bigger systems (like MindBody) that add more cost than needed to your overhead. Now, you can add them without new equipment or additional gateway fees to your TransAct Merchant Processing account!

Clients polled in a recent study share that they will book an appointment online 42% more readily than the 17% who have to make a call. This is even more likely with Millennials. Of course, these statistics change with industry, but it is getting more and more important to offer the flexibility for your clients, to book an appointment the way they prefer.

Clients can book appointments while they work, multi-task or just in less time than having to ask for a specific time only to find out your staff can’t take an appointment then. Being able to see the calendar online and book right then is an asset that helps build loyalty and frequency of visits to a service based company.

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We can answer your questions about scheduling, software and other useful technology to help you be more flexible in your business. Make the most of this season – we do hope you are having a terrific summer.

~ Mary Ann