Smart Summer Series – Part 2 (POS)

All this month, we are focusing on technology that keeps your business (and your clients’ businesses) ahead of the curve. This is our “Smart Summer Series” – Part 2 is on the topic of a new retail and restaurant Point-Of-Sale (POS) that can grow and scale with you and your business.

Integrated cloud based POS systems that have back end reporting, integrated printers, chip and card readers will help you replace or upgrade your system in just a few short hours.

Our team recently helped a restaurant owner update his software that now integrates the kitchen, bar and take out while allowing easy management of inventory. No need to track bottles and back stock by hand; he and his management team can re-order the necessary supplies to stay in line with their weekly fluctuations in volume due to holidays and local events happening in their business.

These systems are PCI compliant and their hardware is chip ready and/or enabled too.

If you are thinking of adding chip readers, and don’t know if your current restaurant or retail POS is compatible, please give us a call and let us know how we can help.

Make the most of the rest of your summer, we are half-way through!

~ Mary Ann