Make Payment Collection Easy

Smart Summer Series – Part 1

All this month, we will focus on technology that keeps your business (and your clients’ businesses) ahead of the curve. This is our “Smart Summer Series” – Part 1 is on the topic of leveraging your technology wisely.

We recommend that our clients try to add depth as much as you can without adding width in terms of software, tools and platforms. Adding new technology is often a much needed investment, but some businesses get wowed by a sales pitch early on and commit to software they don’t need. These tools can tend to add cost to your business that isn’t actually necessary – now or ever.

Here are 5 things that your TransAct Merchant Services account provides without having to add technology you don’t already use.

1) QuickBooks Integration. Most businesses – or their accounting and bookkeeping professionals – use the QuickBooks platform to help manage income, expenses, profit, loss and other handy financial reporting. We can integrate your account easily and seamlessly with this common and widespread app.
2) Online Invoicing. All TransAct clients can add a secure, online or e-mail friendly payment link that will go right to your existing merchant account. Free.
3) Loyalty Programs. Did you know that TransAct has tools that you can access that help you, like automatic recurring payments and other loyalty points-based programs?
4) Point Of Sale. That “modern day” cash register you already use can be integrated to TransAct without needing new equipment or software. We work with Revel, LightSpeed, Micros, Aloha and many, many more platforms in-store, online and mobile, too.
5) Gift Card Programs. TransAct can help you set up your existing merchant and POS platform to process, manage and offer gift cards. (We offer branded* cards, too.)

Hope this helps you keep smart and savvy this summer while you enjoy savings in your business.

~ Mary Ann

*Custom Branded cards have one-time fees for design, standard design cards are included at no extra cost. Plus, we can convert existing cards over to our platform so you don’t lose the investment you have already made in a program.