Credit Card Processing for Accountants

Six Best Merchant Service Tools For CPAs and Accountants

With several stimulus packages, PPP auditing, a longer tax season (for the second year in a row) and other economic impacts to your firm, there is more to do and less time to do it. Your office has to be more efficient in both billing and collecting accounts payable. All of this is essential for your accounting business. To make sure you are utilizing the latest technology and time-saving tools, here are the six best merchant service tools for CPAs and Accountants.

All of our top 6 are easy to implement, most do not require new hardware and can be set up quickly while maintaining (and maybe enhancing) PCI compliance for your practice.

We have shared that offering options for digital payments are a growing trend for merchant services. These are secure and safe using the latest technology.

We have also added new payment systems to help bill quickly, get paid and resolve the invoice “paperwork” which is ideal for accounting firms, CPAs and bookkeeping service providers.

  1. Secure Payment Portal
  2. E-check
  3. Mobile Payments
  4. Text to Pay
  5. E-mail Invoices
  6. Pay by QR code

Secure Payment Portal

Several of our clients have set up a secure payment portal on their website. This can be on the same page where you have your “request to schedule an appointment”, contact information page, or on the portal used to share secure documents.

When a client accesses their tax returns, financial reports, budget or P&L they can be prompted to pay their invoice. This will streamline the process, eliminate paper billing, and speed up time to collect payments.


Although this is older technology, it is new to our “hot list” as an option because it has helped many of our clients to offer a non-credit card payment. Whether you or the client prefers payment by check, the E-check option may be ideal for you and your firm.

Mobile Payments

Completely contactless and safe, mobile payment options are fast, easy and more readily available. Many businesses offer this option now, and clients are more comfortable paying from their smartphone.

Text to Pay

Relatively new to the payment scene, many accounting practices have been early adopters, using text to pay ahead of their peers.

Through your TransAct merchant services account we can set this up quickly, utilize security systems, and speed up time to pay for services.

Email Invoices

Issuing invoices via email is a secure payment option and is easy to use as part of the TransAct digital payments platform. Plus, this does not incur any additional fees on the part of the business.

Pay by QR Code

If your customer is in your office dropping off paperwork, collecting their tax returns or making quarterly tax payments, it is easy to use the QR code system so they can pay before they leave the office. This is completely contactless and allows for quick, secure and easy payment via their preferred method.

All of these payment options are on our list for CPAs and accounting professionals, but they are also a way for you to provide added value to your clients. A recommendation from you to your clients can help to reduce their expenses. Many of these payment options help to save on unnecessary fees that can really add up. You have their trust, so, be aware of the options that not only help them pay their fee quickly, but help them save money in their business, too.

Contact us today to schedule a consult or to set up any of these options in your practice.