Simple Transition to A New POS or Merchant Services

Everyone wants a simple transition to a new POS or Merchant Services provider when you need to update your payment processing tools.

The process to replace your Point of Sale system or to add, or change your credit card processing and merchant services company should be streamlined, easy,   low stress, and done on time.  In addition, since we are saying the best of the best worlds out there, the tools should be better, the reporting robust and the support unparalleled.


Yes! All of that, but with hands on training, too!

There are a few steps to take to make sure this happens.

  1. Advance review the new equipment and systems
  2. Assess the internal processes to make sure everything is covered
  3. Educate the team and pre-train them on what will happen
  4. Ensure access to all the hardware, software, internet, online and live support
  5. Set the timeline for the least impact to the business

Each time a new client on boards with TransAct, we take all of these steps (and more) to ensure the process is smooth and as painless as possible.

Not everything out there is a one-size-fits-all solution. Most of our clients pick and choose the tools they need, the services they require, the processes that fit the way they do business. If they don’t ask for extra training, we always offer it.

That last item is just one of the resources we offer, not just before, but during and post implementation, too. Our clients have access to our training team throughout their time with us; whether someone new joins the team, or someone moves into a new position and needs access to more advanced components of the system, back-end management and/or reporting.  We understand that no matter how good the documentation is for support and training, a real live, helpful and knowledgeable person makes it better.

We take the time to answer questions, guide on each step and then, ask to verify everything makes sense.

Whether you are just getting started and deciding to add credit cards to your payment portfolio, or you have been taking them for years and want a change, you can contact us for more info. Take the time to read through these 12 common terms you should become familiar with in advance of working with any merchant services provider. Want to learn more but not ready to commit? No problem!  Just reach out for a no-obligation, 20-minute consult here. Pick a time that is convenient for you.