Should a Business Accept Credit Cards

Take this short 4 question quiz to see if you should be accepting credit cards

Business Quiz: Should I accept credit cards?

Many businesses struggle with the decision to accept credit cards for payment!

Here are four questions small business owners should ask themselves:

  1. Are my competitors accepting credit cards?
  2. Would people spend more if I offered credit cards as a method of payment collection?
  3. Am I losing potential customers who only pay with credit cards?
  4. Is adding credibility to my business important?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, adding credit card processing options may be right for your business.

Accepting multiple forms of payment is an advantage for businesses today. The competitor who accepts multiple payment options will attract customers looking for payment flexibility-not to mention rewards points from their personal and/or business credit cards. Customers without immediate access to an acceptable payment method may choose a competitor who can instantly process their payment!

At TransAct, we talk with business owners to help them decide which merchant service options will help their business. Contact us today to determine the right credit card processing solution for your business.