Service Professionals Need to Add These 4 Things to Their New POS

Service professionals need to add these 4 things to their new POS system – features that will make work simpler, less stressful and more productive. Making you more money in 2020 (and beyond.)

As you wrap up 2019 and year end services, looking back on the year, there might be some things that you think could have gone better. A new POS system can do a lot for you and allow you – and your team – to be more efficient.

Changing systems should not be complicated, nor risky. The right support, from the right team, makes a changeover less complicated than you might think. Clearly, December is not the time to take on a project like this, but it is a good time to take stock and list out the things that you need and want in your new system. The great news is that the New Year is almost here and you won’t have to wait long to make a huge impact on your business.

Are you concerned you want to be able to manage staff and who has authority to process refunds and credits? Have you had to pay a PCI compliance fee (or fees?) and worried about what this means to your account or your security rating? Do you want to know what is happening at any moment in the day, week or month?

All of these features – and more – are feasible, without adding unnecessary cost or expense. Knowing that, you might be ready right now to make a change. That is a good plan. (When in 2020 do you want to start?)

Make your plans now, make a list and consider these 4 things…

1) Do you need to add real time reporting?

2) Are you looking to replace your simple terminal with the latest technology that is not only PCI compliant, but also tracks transactions and limits refunds to only authorized team members or management?

3) Thinking of implementing hand held, blue tooth units for your teams’ phones or adding tablets – but not sure where to start – or, if that is the best practice for your business?

4) Want to add ACH, EFT or e-check payments that can be accepted 24/7 with a lower cost than credit card processed transactions?

Making a decision to change might be the hardest part.

It is (nearly) 2020 and time to focus on efficiency, effectiveness and reducing expenses. Best part…this is at the heart of what we do every single day.

Ask us for advice. We have access to manufacturer information and we can offer you an unbiased opinion to guide you to select the right system. You should have a POS or CRM with payment tools that work for you, your business and your team.

There are important critical questions to ask yourself. Of course, some of the mainstays of any quality POS system will include automated Quickbooks and bookkeeping integration, robust reporting and easy admin tools that allow you to set security level access for each employee using the system. If you want to discuss your options now, give us a ring or plan to schedule to talk in early January.