Seasonal Businesses and Great Payment Processing Systems

Did you know that seasonal businesses can still have great payment processing systems that won’t charge them fees in the off season?

From Tax Preparers to Landscapers, from Contractors to Crafters selling through Farmer’s Markets, and from Pool Service to Pest Control services – credit card processing doesn’t have to cost more or be limited in how you accept the payments you need. Process online, over the phone or via e-mail invoice and keep your business growing, even in the off season.

Access to great services, comprehensive services and low rates is available for you. Even if, yes, even if your business is seasonal with highs and lows or even months of zero revenue, you can offer flexible payment options to your clients and customers.

Really it is just that simple!

If you have been thinking about adding credit card processing to your payment options, need other options than the one you have, then reach out to us to learn more about how we may be able to help you add merchant services to serve you and your customers better.

~ Mary Ann