Simple Ways To Retain Your Team

Do you work in a service, retail or restaurant business and always recruiting new team members? It is hard work finding the right people to join your company, between the interviewing time, training expense and then making sure they are delivering on the level of customer service your clients expect from you and your company – it can really take you, as the owner, away from what you want to do…build your business.

Here are a few simple ways to retain your team and to continue to grow, adding client loyalty and retaining customers, year over year. Remember, in case you forgot, TransAct is here to help.

Believe it or not, training is the best place to start. Investing in training your team is one way to show that you care about them, making them feel like they are a part of the company and feeling confident that they know what to do.

Technical training is a proactive way to help new employees or staff to feel welcome and become an effective part of your team faster.

  • When you bring on new systems and processes through TransAct, or even new team members, we are here to support you.
  • We keep it simple and make sure they understand each step.
  • There is no out of pocket expense for training new employees for a business owner who works with TransAct.

If you own a restaurant, service or personal care business that does not accept credit cards, reconsider that position. Transaction value typically increases between 12% and 18%1 which comes to you…and to your staff.

  • Increases in transaction gives you more working capital, decreases the percentage of overhead on the business and allows you to better compensate and retain employees.
  • In businesses with customary tipping practices, higher transactions correlate to a higher value on tips earned by your staff; this is a direct benefit to them making it worthwhile to work in your business.
  • We keep our fees as low as possible to minimize your credit card processing fees and these are typically a tax deductible expense.

Give them access to systems allowing them to be autonomous.

  • Once trained, employees should be granted access to log in to the systems that allow them to interact with clients and customers, complete transactions and close deals.
  • When working with TransAct, you have unlimited unique log on and password controls that allow you to maintain security.
  • We keep PCI compliance in mind and you have the ability to view what they are doing.

We know that growing, adding and retaining team members is tough. Let us help with these three simple ways: training, accepting credit cards to increase transaction value and helping them become autonomous as an employee in your business.

Give us a heads up that you are bringing on someone new and let us do some of the heavy lifting. We can do phone, video and in person training for your new staff – we cover things like logging in and out, security measures (why PCI is important), POS integration, reporting and how to trouble shoot the most common situations that can arise during a payment transaction.

Plus, if you don’t yet accept credit cards as a payment type, well, then rethink that and definitely think of TransAct.

~ Mary Ann

1 We are happy to share these statistics with you in a one-on-one. Contact us to learn more.