Merchant Services for Franchises

Using Your POS to Bring in New Customers, Improve Operations and Retain Staff

It is time for a new or upgraded POS. Using your POS to bring in new customers, improve operations, and retain staff is possible when you follow the latest, greatest, best practices.

Here, we are outlining what has happened and what is going on behind the scenes in technological developments that can really help business owners when they need it now more than ever.

Even though things appear to be looking up, with cities around the country lifting regulations and easing restrictions, customers have become comfortable with curbside pickup, 3rd party delivery, and a wide variety of contactless payment options.

If you have been waiting for things to get back to normal, they won’t go back…they will continue to evolve into the new world of Text2Pay, Q/R codes, and touchless, tap-to-pay processing. Your restaurant needs better systems to be able to keep up and you will be happier once you adopt these latest advances.

We have been excited to find that many of our restaurant clients are able to continue to use most – if not all – of their current hardware, simply adopting new programs and adding updated software. That said, many have decided to further improve their systems by adding new handheld units that help staff become better equipped to handle more customers, additional tables, and new guests. This combats the reality of reduced availability of co-workers due to ongoing staffing shortages in the restaurant – and many other – industries.


Making it faster and easier to process a payment, utilizing secure texting for payments has been one of the biggest game-changers. It is cost-effective and gives the power to the customer to pay ahead of time or while they wait for their meal to be prepared. What is even more important, this is PCI compliant and secure for your business which can help to reduce risk and the costs in your overall payment processing each month.

Q/R Codes

Whether these are used for payment prior to picking up an order, connecting to a website for online menus, or paying for your meal from the table, the quirky square codes have become quite essential in the last 2 years. More restaurants have adopted these than ever before and they are easy to add to your payment portfolio. They improve guest services, save time, and help restaurants get paid faster.

Tap to Pay

Touchless options with a “card on file” tagged with the owner’s mobile number create the option for convenient text or e-mail receipts. Less paper, no filling machines with the receipt roll, and eliminating stress while speeding up the processing time – all of these are great reasons to adopt this fun tech. Customers love it because it is secure and reduces that one final touch on your POS System keypad. Restaurant owners also love it because it is secure and reduces costs.

Other suggestions we want to make sure to share with you are the pre-programmed tip options. Make it easy for your guests to tip your staff with percentages and clever “reasons” for choosing each option that make them smile.

  • 18% – Thanks so much – glad we came in today.
  • 20% – You’re the best!
  • 25% – Outstanding service!!
  • Other – Decide how great they were today!!!

Staff depend on tips and you depend on your staff. Help your customers recognize great service and help you retain your team, reduce turnover, and put your POS System to good use in this area of management.

New tech, upgraded systems and the latest software are all easy to adopt in your restaurant, but they are also essential to the future of your business. Any time we work with a client, we look for the best of the best options that work for you and your business.

There is no reason to delay any longer. Once we connect, we can outline the options for you, figure out the implementation plan that will mitigate disruption before or after hours, and ensure everyone is trained and up to speed before the next customer sits down for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Contact us today to schedule a one-on-one call to review your options and discuss your thoughts on what you’d like to see happen for you and your restaurant this year.