Remember to Shop Small and Shop Local

When it comes to Small Business Saturday, we remind everyone – as we have for the last 21 months – remember to Shop Small and Shop Local! By this of course we mean…

Support of ALL types of local business owners, no matter whether they operate a retail store, a restaurant, a service business, a personal care spa/salon, a home-based shop or even (yes!) a franchisee who is a local operator in the community.

Shop Small Studio

If you have not already, go to the American Express Shop Small® marketing studio to create your customized print, digital and social media assets to support your Shop Local initiatives for this year.

Follow this link and download them today.

Then, get started and be sure to share your story for the upcoming holidays online, on your social media sites, and with your customers who come to your business in person. It is wonderful to have loyal customers – members of your loyalty club or rewards members – who are willing to share your story. Use your branded gift card program and club members to extend their positive feedback and a referral to friends and family.

As the year comes to a close there are many, many holidays to celebrate – meals to share – and gifts to give. Go into the holiday season strong and use all of the tools you have at your disposal.

Gift Card Programs

P.S. If you need refills on your gift cards, stock up now. If you don’t have a branded program gift card or want to learn more about connecting one to your POS System, let us know.