See Through The Rate Promise to The Real Cost of Processing

If only we could see through the rate promise to the real cost of processing…as business owners, that is often the most confusing aspect of merchant services. It is complicated. It has a lot of components that don’t make sense and it changes based on the types of cards that are processed in the business each and every day, month and year.

I understand why business owners, especially those first starting out are lured by a flat rate from Square, Stripe or Pay Pal.  It is easy. Those companies spend a lot of money promoting their percentage rate and they get attention. They also have a limited service offering, no customization, and automated help desks that don’t offer the personal attention some business owners need and want.

They also make a lot of money on small business owners.  Businesses who sign a contract with other service providers could be retaining more of their revenues, and be more in control of the way they receive their income and integrate data intelligence into their monthly routine.

TransAct is always ready to offer assistance to help business owners to develop sales and achieve goals. Services that are available through our support offerings:

Also, annual reviews that help see through the clutter and get to the bottom line. What is the overall cost of doing business via credit cards and how to keep that necessary cost of doing business as low as possible. Can’t see through the rate promise? Let us know, we can help.

~ Mary Ann