QuickBooks Integration

QuickBooks Point of Sale is Sunsetting

Is your business running on either QuickBooks or Intuit POS system? Have you heard the news that QuickBooks Point of Sale is sunsetting and the company is discontinuing their support? There are other pending changes from the accounting software company coming for their Desktop 2020 software version, too.

We consider QuickBooks, and the Intuit product line best in class for accounting and bookkeeping. We are ready to help you with the changes needed for your business.

Here are the quick updates:

QuickBooks Desktop 2020 ends May 2023

If you are operating on the desktop 2020 software, like many other software providers, QuickBooks is sunsetting their support for this older software version. It is always important to keep your software up to date with the most current cybersecurity, digital and online security in place. We will also remind you that if you are running any credit card transactions, you must maintain PCI compliance.

Speak with us, or your accounting professional, to learn more about other options for desktop, online or virtual accounting and bookkeeping.

October 2023 QuickBooks POS No Longer Supported

QuickBooks POS ongoing support, technical patches, security updates and access to new releases are to be discontinued. This is for Desktop Point of Sale 2018 as of October of 2023.

Those who use this version of their desktop POS system may be researching new options. Be ready to replace the system proactively to be ahead of this change.

The good news is that the option to integrate your POS transactions with QuickBooks remains in place. Even though the Point of Sale is sunsetting, and you can learn more about that process here.

If you would like, schedule a 20-minute call with us to review your options.  We offer many options for retail, restaurant and service POS Systems that are easy to use, have ongoing live tech support (not just initial setup and training), and can be customized to your business.