Credit Card Processing for Retail

Prep and Plan for a POS Changeover

You probably already know that you should prep and plan for a POS changeover before you start installing a new POS System. To help, here is our new POS System installation checklist.

As a “boutique” (think concierge level of service) Merchant Service and POS System consultant, we often support clients porting information from one POS to another. Furthermore, following our process makes it as seamless as possible.

We know all of the critical components that have to be backed up and downloaded to ensure the transition is smooth and fast!

End-of-year changeovers for a new year POS installation are common in many industries. If you’re planning this changeover in the New Year, be ready.

Download and back up your:

  • Sales reports
  • Sales history for last 3 years (at a minimum, one year)
  • Sales history by month
  • Product mix and sales
  • Menu
  • Menu descriptions
  • Menu item pricing
  • Pricebook
  • Inventory on hand
  • Items
  • Item descriptions
  • Items on order
  • Retail pricing
  • Base cost
  • Mark up
  • Multiplier
  • Margin
  • User information
  • Cost of Goods (COG) margins
  • Management Settings

No matter what type of POS System you’re on now – or moving to next – document what you have now to ensure all the data is available for the new system.

If you’re still deciding on what POS System is best for your business, schedule a free one on one consult at your convenience.