Merchant Services for Franchises

How to Find the Right POS System for Your Franchise

Whether you are an independent franchise owner or a franchisor, you may wonder how to find the right POS system for your franchise. There are a number of features that can stand out as being a cut above and you should keep them in mind when looking.

TransAct has been working with emerging and established franchise brands for the last decade.  Here are some key features to consider whether you need a field service, retail, or restaurant based POS system.

  • Credit and debit card processing – in person or online
  • A system that is PCI compliant and secure
  • Inventory management
  • Real-time reporting
  • Flexible to allow each employee to have a unique log in if they use the system
  • Text or e-mail receipts
  • CRM and e-mail marketing features
  • QuickBooks® integration
  • Real-time reporting – both for the multi-unit owner and the franchisor

There are more options and feature sets to consider. We typically consult with our clients to establish the primary business needs for the POS System so that we can help evaluate the right systems and narrow down the options.

TransAct offers this guidance in advance of our conversation to help get the process going.

Field Service POS Systems

While some might not traditionally consider field systems to have a “point of service”, more and more the clients who work with us for their payment processing systems are handling the transaction in front of their customers, in the field. From painters to handymen, and HVAC to lawn service providers (and everything in between) the technician is often the main point of contact at the customer’s home or place of business.

If the customer wants to pay by credit card and is not comfortable using an online payment portal, the tech can offer a handheld device for the customer to insert their chipped credit card and complete the payment in real-time. These POS systems along with the TransAct Merchant services platform also offer flexibility and digital payment options for e-check, EFT, or recurring billing. Many of our clients set up payment plans for large ticket services, and have the option to establish regular payments for repetitive services like pest control or lawn cutting.

Learn more about your options for service-based systems.

Restaurant POS Systems

In the past, as recently as just a few years ago, legacy restaurant brands were tied to using the Micros or Aloha systems. As you may have realized, there are newer, simpler, and less expensive options out there now that will meet a number of your requirements. Whether you want to seamlessly integrate 3rd party delivery and inventory management or, offer an option for critical KPI alerts via text, smartwatch app, or e-mail it is all possible.

An area of concern more recently is to add the capability to accept online orders for both pickup and in-house delivery.

Adding online ordering as an option for pick up, whether you are offering curbside or in-store “contactless” pick up can really reduce the stress of both the staff and the customer. They can easily place their order, often faster than if they called. Plus, this allows the business owner to keep processing fees lower than if the order was placed over the phone and the credit card was keyed into the POS system.

Integrating online delivery orders will offer the owner other fee reductions, such as those percentages paid to the 3rd party delivery service. It also eliminates the need to re-key those orders that come through the delivery platform tablet saving time, money, and potential for errors.

Retail POS systems

Many clients who turn to TransAct recently are looking to add online purchase options and integrate e-commerce into their business. Depending on the complexity of your products and the number of SKUs this can actually be done more quickly than you would imagine.

We have been helping brands build out their catalog or price book and then replicate it easily across the independent, local franchisees’ online locations. This also gives the franchise owners the option to price according to their market.

TransAct POS system support for our franchise clients helps to maintain online integrity, PCI compliance, and security while offering a traditional brick and mortar retailer an easy transition to provide another revenue stream for the franchise brand.

Choosing a POS System for Your Franchise

We know that choosing a POS system for your franchise brand is not easy, but we have the expertise, can provide the research and the support for equipment, software, and training to each location in the system. Whether you are ready to convert one location as a test, start-up new franchisees from the beginning or do a full brand-wide rollout, TransAct will work with you to make the right choice. Set up a consultation today to get started.