Is your company at risk from a breach?

Preventing Payment System Security Risks

Here are simple activities that successful businesses are implementing; preventing payment system security risks is a growing concern. TransAct is always ready to assist, guide and advise on best practices for the way you operate your business.

Payment System Security Risks

Stolen cards are just the first thing people tend to think about, but we know it goes much further than that. We always encourage our clients to ensure processing systems are operating with the latest software release, patches and updates. Following good PCI compliance practices are also essential. Never – ever – write down a credit card. If you do not have a secure online portal that allows for encrypted transmission of credit card by the customer, then you and your team should always be entering the payment card directly into the online terminal, payment portal or POS system.

We know that many business owners have had to move to contactless payments, but that does not mean you can abandon the safe practices you have had in place in your store, restaurant or service-based business. We know that restaurant owners are trying to maintain revenues and adding phone and online ordering to do so, be sure that you and your entire team are using the tools available to you do process payments securely.

Accepting payments in person, with card in hand always feels most secure, but online options do exist and are available to implement today. What is even better, is that you do not have to replace your current website, programming or back end coding. If you have questions about this, please contact us today.

Fraud Protection for Online Credit Card Payments

Adding an online payment portal to your TransAct merchant account is available to all clients.

We have been reminding clients that they can set up a wide variety of new secure methods, including digital payment options such as payment by e-mail, text or QR code link. Our streamlined process was designed to help business owners implement this quickly and continue operating the business without interruption.

TransAct also offers several options for e-commerce solutions to enable our clients to add online payments, ordering and invoice processing regardless of the type of business. We have solutions for retailers, professional consultants and advisors, construction trades, tutoring and childcare, healthcare and medical providers, personal service providers such as hair salons, barber shops and spas as well as pet groomers, dog walkers and doggie day-care.

How to Prevent Credit Card Fraud

Everyone in the business, from the owner to management and front-line employees must be following the same safe practices.

Keeping credit card information safe is just the first step. Other recommended routine activities include:

  • change passwords when prompted
  • use unique log ins and access controls (free to all TransAct client by the way)
  • update software when new releases are issued
  • usie a separate, secure WiFi network for processing
  • check hard line connections to verify no one has tapped into your network
  • ensure all access points are encrypted
  • complete the PCI compliance survey when prompted – learn more about this here

These practices should be in place at all times and while they sound complicated, are actually quick to verify. Call or schedule a security review with us to ensure that you are keeping you, your business and your customer data secure.