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Payment Programs To Retain Clients and Staff

In today’s climate, we are constantly being asked to help develop payment programs to retain clients and staff. We know that each client is invaluable, but now, more than ever, keeping great team members on your team is equally as valuable.

After all, without a loyal, reliable staff to execute each and every service or deliver the products to clients, you cannot operate as efficiently.

New payment programs that are geared toward making it easy for the client to pay, on time, every time, are also working well to ease the workload for staff.

Digital payment methods that streamline the day-to-day operations have been helping to eliminate time-consuming, high-effort work processes. These free up staff to perform more critical and more valuable tasks.

  • Customer service.
  • Client outreach.
  • Follow up on new leads.
  • Train new employees.

The list goes on.

Top 3 Payment Innovations

  1. Text2Pay
  2. E-mail and digital invoices
  3. Recurring payment

Each of these have their place in service, trades, and professional consulting or services business operations.

Secure Tex2Pay links eliminate the need to create an invoice and are responded to more quickly than a paper invoice.

Email and digital invoices can be set up in advance and issued as soon as work is complete, no paperwork needed, and everything is integrated with Quickbooks.

Automated, recurring payments whether for budget billing or monthly memberships, subscriptions eliminate the need to process a payment each month. This saves time, errors in processing, and delays in billing too.

Now, more than ever, do what you can to implement payment processing tools that keep the right staff and make it simple for your client to pay their invoice.

If you want to run through a quick demo, let us know! We work with a variety of POS Systems, Quickbooks integration, and online tools. The right processes are here for you, and now is the time to put them to work for you and your business.