Partnering with Nonprofits with More Than a Service

We choose partnering with nonprofits with more than a service. Local businesses (like us) can make a lasting community impact supporting nonprofits.

We understand their role is different than that of a retailer, restaurant or fitness center, these organizations are driven by missions rather than margins.

As a credit card merchant service provider, we stand up for nonprofits, no matter how small or large. Our goal is to help ensure their noble causes are not weighed down by financial burdens. We know all too well that even the most altruistic efforts cannot escape the reality of expenses.

Financial Solutions for Nonprofits

The financial landscape for nonprofits can make or break an organization. We recognize the delicate balance of making it convenient for donors to support a cause while minimizing expenses. As such, we offer a variety of financial solutions to help nonprofits maintain operational effectiveness. Traditional banking services, often designed with for-profit businesses in mind, may overlook the specific needs of a nonprofit. This is where our customized approach comes in.

We routinely tailor payment processing based on the organization’s needs. It is important to allow for the use of credit cards, E-checks and Electronic Funds Transfers (EFTs). Our goal is to create a seamless integration with in-person, online and mail-in donations. Plus, we work to address the fluctuations and seasonality of fundraising and donor engagement.

Giving Tuesday – a Day for Donors and Nonprofits Alike

Following the commercial buzz of Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday stands as a testament to generosity. For nonprofits, this 24-hour period is more than a day on the calendar, it is an opportunity. Promoting Giving Tuesday is crucial, and being prepared is essential.

Many individuals and local businesses choose to partner with nonprofits to support their cause and make an even bigger impact. Be sure to assess options, promote various ways to give and remind donors to choose their best way to give. Offer an easy and streamlined donation process that incorporates credit cards, debit cards, E-checks, and EFTs as well as a strong reminder to utilize employer matching programs.

A Relationship Built on Understanding and Support

The one-on-one support and on-boarding process we provide is designed to support an organization throughout the year, not just in this season of giving. We don’t just set up systems. We help to support your cause.

In partnering with nonprofits we take the time to understand their unique focus, goals, and challenges. Then, we deliver more than a service provider. We are allies in your mission.

To all fundraising and nonprofit leaders out there if you are seeking clarity in a sometimes confusing area of finance be sure to reach out for a free, 20-minute consultation. There is no obligation. You will have our time and attention to explore possibilities, get answers to your questions and our support to help you continue to make a difference, one transaction at a time.