Our Consultative Approach Matters More

At TransAct, many of our clients tell us why our consultative approach matters more to them than being teased into leaving us for a lower rate.  We really appreciate that they recognize this.  My team and I work really hard to offer more services while creating programs that are client-centric and customized to each company we serve…while still offering competitive pricing, overall, bottom line savings and personal account management.

As banking has become more and more a commodity, local branches are purchased, entire brands are swallowed up and merged into bigger conglomerates with national and worldwide policies that benefit the bank more than their local customers.

The same holds true for our industry as two of the big “little guys” were acquired. In 2017 Cayan was purchased by TSYS with a closing just this month – you may not know them since they rebranded from Merchant Warehouse in 2015.  Also, in late 2015, Global Payments absorbed Heartland.

This matters because many of our customers choose their processor for certain market positioning services.  Thus, we have earned their former customers’ trust – ones who didn’t want to accept new terms and conditions like longer contract times and new, confusing fees that are typically associated with a bigger bank.

As always, our approach continues to be one that is focused on each customer and their individual needs for their business.  Each client is known by their name and not just a long string of numbers.*

If you have been frustrated by policies that make no sense, do not seem to fit your business and have experienced increased expenses because of subtle changes in the cost of processing – that you didn’t accept/have when you started your payment processing account – it might be time to try a personalized, dedicated and consultative approach.

At TransAct, we treat each transaction and each customer as a unique opportunity to help and we are focused on small to large businesses and everything in between.  We help each business find and keep their place in their community while remaining competitive, compliant with ever-changing security, and offering cost-effective services that business owners want and need today.

~ Mary Ann

Contact me today for more information. We are happy to provide references who will elaborate on their prior experiences with us on how we have helped them grow in today’s business climate.

*  We always need to validate customer account number and passcodes both of which are an important aspect of security, but that isn’t the first step to our consultative approach with our clients.