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Online Scheduling and Check in Systems for Tutors

In today’s busy times, online scheduling and check in systems for tutors, as well as other professional and personal service businesses are no longer considered cutting edge. They are required.

Allowing a customer to go online, whether on their phone or computer, to schedule or reschedule an appointment, is absolutely necessary. This can of course save a business time and expenses (in staff hours) in the long run. The investment in the technology is well worth the money.

Many systems also allow for contactless check-in solutions that the customer can perform when they arrive. While you still may need to have someone at your front desk, they are able to do essential work and create more engaging conversation than the process of alerting someone at their work-station or in another part of the office that a customer has arrived for their appointment.

Contactless Check-in Solutions For Tutors

Via the same technology used for online scheduling, a parent, or older (teen) student can check in for an appointment using an app. The API integration of the scheduling app, which is of course also mobile-friendly, allows the customer to receive alerts and reminders. A text that their appointment time is coming up – a day before and/or just hours prior – prompts to reconfirm with a simple Y or C text reply. Then, once they arrive in the center, tap the app or send a text that they have arrived. Some more sophisticated apps will utilize proximity or local guest WiFi technology that a customer has arrived, signaling they are on site.

Anything a business owner can do to help ease the customer’s need to communicate simple aspects related to scheduling can make more time available for other more engaging and human-centric activities. Things that we all know can’t be replaced by technology.

For example:

Hi, Lauren how are you today…what have you been doing all summer? Your tutor, Miss Janey is on her way up to bring you back to your room. She wanted to remind you that we have your favorite juice in the refrigerator, help yourself!

Is a much better use of time and builds a better relationship than:

Hi, who are you and what time is your appointment? Hm. Let me see…okay, yes. Please have a seat. Your tutor will be out soon.

We know that everyone’s time is stretched thin with all of the new requirements being mandated. Implementing the latest technology is not only a good idea, it is an essential idea that can revolutionize the way you do business.

It only takes about 20 minutes to learn more about the options available to you and your tutoring center (or, if you own a professional service or personal care business this might apply to you, too.) Take a moment to book a quick one-on-one today based on YOUR schedule. We look forward to speaking with you soon!