Just One More Month of Winter! Are You Ready For Spring?

Sooo….There is just one more month of winter! Are you ready for spring? I know most people are ready for this winter to be over and done, but if you depend on springtime seasonal lawn care, pool and landscaping work, you might want to take advantage of these last few weeks to prepare for your busy season.

We have been working on developing many new features that support a service or field-based business and the clock is ticking to put them into place in time for the first days of spring.

Did you know?

  • Chipped credit cards are pretty much the standard in all areas now; even the smaller banks who issue their own debit based Visa or Mastercard based cards are issued with an EMV chip .

This means if you key or wipe these cards, you will pay a premium to process a payment.

We have mobile based, Bluetooth chip card readers that work well in both the office and at a client’s property. These can eliminate your back office terminal and enable you to take advantage of the latest security features no matter where you may be.

Did you know?

  • Mobile friendly advancements include easy e-mail and text to pay, if you are using a secure online payment portal.

All of our clients are moving this way and enable their clients to pay however they want to pay. In fact, the click to pay option can be added to your signature on e-mail. Using this TransAct Tool opens up the ability to accept e-Checks and ACH payments. These are going to process without the same credit card fees that you are used to today and could save your business money in the long run.

So many of our service clients have told us that they appreciate being “untethered” from the office. They have put the Bluetooth chip readers into each service vehicle, but still have the confidence through our platform that each person on their crew who runs a client’s credit card uses their own security access.  A few have also mentioned they like the fact that payment alerts come through in real time, while others appreciate the ability to collect payments that are lower cost than paying “keyed in rates”.

All in all, the technology aspects of this industry continue to develop and make it easier, more effective and even more secure than ever to collect payments 24/7 no matter where you are, or what time of year the business is busy.

Hopefully, your business is busy year-round; but if you are gearing up for a busy spring, you better get in touch with us soon. This snow is not going to last!