Is your company at risk from a breach?

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month – Keep Your Business Safe

This year is the 15th year (but in case you didn’t know) October is National Cybersecurity month – keep your business safe following recommended best practices.  Be sure to implement any new protocols this month and on-going with help from your staff.

In 2003, the Division of Homeland Security established October as National Cybersecurity Month, 2 years after the tragic events of 9/11.  The goal with this initiative – among others – was to bring awareness to the topic of cybersecurity and make sure that everyone does what they can to protect citizens – in their homes, their work, online and in the businesses that the citizens of the United States frequent.

As business owners, it goes beyond saying that you are responsible for a growing list of things that you must do. In this area, you really do need to enlist the assistance of your staff to help you keep the business safe. In our role as a supplier and a financial services provider, we can help you too.

Here are 4 things you can do to be sure that you are keeping customer data safe and secure.

1) Have a plan.

2) Evaluate your systems. Is your POS software up to date? Are you using separate log ins for each employee and team member who accesses financial systems? Are you PCI Compliant and running the latest security protocols?

3) Look for gaps or risk of exposure.  Are you maintaining a database of customer data that might be accessible to someone outside of the business? Do you (even temporarily) write down consumer credit card numbers? Do you allow staff to log in from home? Are you sharing a card processing device? Is it chip enabled?

4) Take the steps to fix these. Change passwords. Never write down credit card numbers. Add a new login user name and password for each and every team member who accesses the system. (If you need another login for a TransAct application or portal, ask us today.) Upgrade to a chip reader if you are still swiping credit cards.

Customers trust that you are a responsible retailer, service provider or professional advisor.  Whether they visit your store, restaurant, hotel, bar, pub or fitness center; if they shop online on your e-commerce website, or even if they call you and have you provide a service over the phone, in their office or at their home – they ALL need you to help keep them safe and protected.

This month, in October, or any month of the year, be sure that you are following best practices and keeping your business safe and secure.

If you have any doubts that you have a gap in your process or systems, please reach out to us so that we can help you reduce your risk of liability and keep your business, your customers and your assets safe.

~ Mary Ann