Nothing Is Business Is Usual – 2 New Offerings That May Spark Your Interest

When it comes to business as usual, nothing in business is usual – as you continue your business development in 2019, here are 2 new offerings that may spark your interest.

We strongly believe that each business has unique financial needs and do our best to be flexible and adapt to meet the changes in technology, industry standards, security and the preferences of the clients we serve.

Here are two new, expense reducing alternatives to credit card payments:

ACH (Automated Clearing House) – not just for online banking anymore. Any business with a TransAct account can set up simple payments via ACH.

e-Check – electronic check payments, which can be initiated in the office, or from a secure e-mail link that is sent direct to clients and patients for easy 24/7 payments.

Both of these can be set up as recurring payments, on a monthly or other mutually agreed to time frame. This allows businesses to offer budgeting and payment plans to clients and patients for larger out of pocket expenses that they might normally charge to a credit card.

We find these features work well for higher out of pocket expenses such as home improvement, auto repair, and medical appliances including corrective eye wear, hearing aids, orthodontics, shoe orthotics as well as procedures not covered by medical insurance.

Whatever your business needs, we are here to help.

Next week, we will share information about a new program that was developed to help retailers with smaller average transactions and limit their exposure to credit card fees. Instead of a credit card surcharge, the guidelines address how to offer Cash Discount that meet local regulations.

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