There is No Silver Bullet – But Here are 3 Solutions You Can Try

There is no silver bullet, but here are 3 solutions you can try to help make your professional life easier and retain more of your revenues as a business owner.

We are asked questions all the time about how to make business more efficient and more profitable.

We try to keep things simple; but it isn’t easy. Once you put these solutions into place, you won’t believe how much it helps.

1) Utilize staff for more meaningful, client interactions and communications that help attract, support and retain clients.

Reduce the repetitive activities that can be automated. Accept a regular, payment from a client via payment automation. Rather than have a customer call in to make a keyed entry payment (which costs you more by the way), set up a repeat billing amount that is processed on the same day of each month. Customers can budget the payments, save time from having to call, and they won’t need an invoice mailed to them each month, either. This frees up the employee’s time to really help a client with choosing a new product or services and improve the customer relationship, too.

2) Simplify business to keep up with the changing legislation and growing expenses of hourly employees.

Set up integration between your POS, basic terminal or online payment portal and QuickBooks®. At this time of year especially, this can reduce hours of bookkeeping, allow you to run reports and even share records electronically with your CPA or tax preparer to make it faster to process your annual filings. Reduce the redundancy of data entry, and reduce errors from happening accidentally during the transfer of information from one system to another. Know where you stand in the financial sense – at any given moment.

3) Make it easier for clients to pay for your products and services the way they want to pay.

Some people want to pay online, some want to pay when a product is delivered or the service is completed, some want to pay via check and some want to be reminded via e-mail that their invoice is ready.  These are all simple to set up and to manage with a TransAct account and offer the flexibility to customers, regardless of their age, preferred payment card or point of access (online, mobile phone, e-mail.)

It is just the beginning of 2019, and while we can’t help you install your products any faster, we can certainly make it easier to collect payments faster, simpler and with more reliability. Are you ready to leverage one of these solutions on your account – let us know and we will help you make the most out of the rest of this year.