Need To Work Remote and Still Collect Revenues – 3 Steps to Take Now

If you found out recently that you need to work remote and still collect revenues here are 3 steps to take now.

Your TransAct account has options that you can enact now.

  1. Contact TransAct today.
  2. Set up automatic recurring billing, add e-check and/or online payments.
  3. If you are not processing with TransAct, start now.

Of course, we have other solutions, such as if you have to go to the client to provide services, and collect a payment, you can do that, too. Mobile processing is simple and can be completed with an app or, perhaps hardware you already use. We can discuss your options in a short call.

We have been sharing ideas with you for months, so this is something we have done for many clients already.

It was not our prediction that anything like a COVID-19 pandemic would occur, but since we are on the verge, we thought you might want to know about options. These are available to you now if you are already a TransAct client. Even if you are not, it only takes a short time to set up these processing options and we can help.