Credit Card Processing for Retail

MultiUnit Merchant Account Saves Money

If you are a MultiUnit business operator, with more than one location operating, our approach for your MultiUnit merchant account saves money for you as the owner.

Whether you already have more than one operating unit, or you are thinking of expanding, this applies to you.

Existing businesses with 2 or more units, can set up a new merchant account taking advantage of the discounts available by combining the back end processing. You may not have known that this was an option, but we can review your current account and see what will work for your business, now.

Or, if you are in the scenario where you have a successful single retail store, restaurant or service based operation, but you are considering opening the next location. Do the research to be prepared.

This can be a preferred plan for growth. You have already worked out what works and what doesn’t, fixing things you could have done better in the first unit. It is time to grow and wherever you can create efficiencies, take advantage of them.

As you go into the new year, you may even look to acquire a complimentary business. Integrate this business into your portfolio, build upon the prior owner’s momentum and add your branding to expand with new clients in a different market. This is faster, and often less expensive than starting a new unit from the ground up.

What you do next is the real magic and how your MultiUnit merchant account saves more than just money, it creates better management, is more efficient and easier to track.

MultiUnit Operating Efficiencies

There are a variety of areas where you can take advantage of MultiUnit operating efficiencies and retain more of your top line earnings.

  • Management
  • Marketing efforts
  • Supply chain and buying power
  • Networking efforts to expand awareness, generate word of mouth marketing mentions and referrals
  • Team who can work cross-functionally to support more than one unit

and operating with a MultiUnit merchant account saves on the payment processing, too.

Initial Set Up of Merchant Account

Depending on how you set up the business you can adopt various account settings to be more efficient and reduce expenses. MutiUnit business operators can take advantage of reducing basic monthly fees, statement charges and even compliance efforts and tasks needed to ensure that your merchant account is secure, safe and PCI compliant.

Reach out for a quick 10 to 20 minute conversation to see if there are options you can take advantage of today. If you didn’t know that a MultiUnit merchant account saves time, effort and money, you are in the right place now.