More Than Just A Register, Or a Terminal – Here Are 3 Reasons to Switch

In today’s world, when the speed of business is constantly accelerating, you probably need more than just a register, or a terminal. Here are 3 reasons to switch.

1 – Data.

Who is buying what from your business? The old, simple equipment, just doesn’t cut it anymore. You need to know more about your business and you need to know it as soon as it happens. For a restaurant, mid day, early shift, late shift and closing. For a retailer, what has happened by 10:30 AM, 2PM and a couple hours prior to closing.

In both of these businesses, you probably have a number of immediate ways to reach out to loyal customers – those who follow you on social media… You can probably make a big difference in a slower day of sales if you or one of your team members send out a communication to remind people to come see you. Now.

Have a service based business, reviewing the schedule and projected revenues for the day – even one day in advance can be enough time to reach out to people who might be able to fill the day and keep your team busy.

2 – Connecting with your customers and clients.

Even if it is a receipt, that can be e-mailed or texted, that is a connection. It is helping to keep your name in their line of sight. Whether it is the scroll past the name of the business in their inbox, or on their text screen, these little reminders can make a big difference. Plus, if you choose even slightly more sophisticated equipment, you can also review much more data (there it is again!)

These data insights can show you trends in buying patterns, transaction history, or average transaction amount. Add scheduling to the mix, and have the ability to send clients reminders about upcoming appointments and so much more.

3 – Time saving automation.

With regard to automation, we are talking bookkeeping, accounting and inventory management. With the first two, most business owners don’t (really) enjoy doing these tasks, which is why they outsource them to professionals. Even in doing so, why pay for more time than needed, or risk data entry errors, if the system can connect and allow you to import the information right to Quickbooks?

On the inventory side, new POS systems can help in real time, by depleting stock and creating re-order lists. Plus, it gives you the ability to more easily verify physical inventory compared to sales which can help track loss, waste or theft – saving you money and reducing unnecessary overhead.

All in all, now might be the perfect time to replace your basic terminal or register and step into the year 2019. Fall is ideal because we can help you choose a system, install it, and get the training needed in time before the end of year crunch. Get started today. Just reach out with questions you might have. We can help.