Mobile Apps and Why This Blog is 12 Hours Late

We recommend you use the most compatible, user friendly technology available. For example, mobile apps (and why this blog is 12 hours late.)

When you’re on the road all day long there are a lot of areas of your business that need to be mobile friendly. Being able to accept payment for the work you have completed, COD or payment upon completion is quite literally essential in most seasonal service based businesses.

Why wait for 15 to 30 days to get paid for the lawn clean up and landscaping work that was completed today?

Especially when “today” it is so easy to install the secure TransAct mobile app. Once done, you can collect payments from a client or customer onsite – as soon as your work is completed.

No waiting. No delay in payment.

Our secure app doesn’t have holds, doesn’t require you to process a minimum amount each day, week or month – it works when you do – which is perfect for seasonal businesses that don’t have regular revenues all year long. Plus, of course, it is secure, processing each payment with encrypted technology to protect your client information. Many of our clients choose to enhance this service with a Bluetooth chip card reader to protect their business from fraudulent cards, which in turn actually helps clients trust service providers even more.

If you spent the day on the road all day and now you have to process invoices, you might be in need of some tools that make it easy to collect payments from your clients.

We all need the right tools to be more efficient and something as important as accepting payment…well, why should it be complicated?

With spring upon us, yard cleanup, tree trimming, first lawn cutting of the season, opening up the pool, preparing gardens for summer blooms – the list is endless – yet, everybody is actively working outside, on the road, in the field, and getting ready. We. Can’t, Wait. (And neither should you.)

So, getting back to how this post is late…writing a blog is actually be one of those things that can been done via a mobile app, and it could have been…but, even though it was’t, hopefully this evening’s post helps you either way.

If you would like to know more, please let us know, we are here to help make the most of your day…and help you enjoy time off at the end of a long workday.

PS Visit our Mobile Info Page or read this quick recap on the features of our FREE mobile app that make it simple, savvy and secure for you:

  • Works on any smartphone or tablet with minimum 3G service
  • Securely encrypted transactions
  • No Holds
  • No per transaction minimum
  • No minimum monthly sales volume requirement
  • Enhance capabilities with a Bluetooth Chip Reader (note: this equipment is not free)