Ecommerce Gateways


The ability to collect payments online is can dramatically increase your revenue. With an automated payment system from TransAct you can conduct business 24/7 increasing sales and cash flow. Your customers will be able to do business with you whenever they want from wherever they are.


In order to do this, you need a payment gateway that allows you to collect payment information, process it through the credit card company, and deposit the funds into your account. A payment processing solution from TransAct streamlines your workflow and expedites credit card processing.

Not all gateways are created equal, however. An efficient gateway helps you to increase sales and build customer satisfaction.

A slow or cumbersome gateway does just the opposite—it costs you money. It’s hard to find items and difficult to navigate. And you’re never really shown how to use it.

We think our gateway is one of the best available. Here’s why:

  • Easily accept and quickly verify all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express
  • Advanced management functions such as dynamic reports, batch processing, and easy returns or voids allow you to improve business operations
  • Recurring billing accounts are free, with no monthly charge
  • End-to-end PCI compliance protects data for you and your customers

The TransAct merchant payment gateway is robust and affordable. Put us to work for you and start increasing sales today.

Where does a shopping cart fit?

We integrated with most national brand shopping carts…here’s the list of vendors TransAct is compatible with

We support most of the major shopping carts available, so if you’re simply looking for the most efficient, cost-effective payment gateway available, look no further.

Website developers

And if you’re a website developer, please give us a call today to discuss our affiliate and partner programs and/or our API Integration packages.

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