Your Margin Is Shrinking (Isn’t it?)

You may not realize the many ways that your margin is shrinking, and time is of the essence.  With new legislation and tax reform pending, some businesses will benefit, but not all and maybe not enough to offset the higher wages going into effect in nearly every state.

Now is a great time to look into the ways that you help keep more money, improve your gross margin and improve your bottom line, with more net margin at the end of the month.  TransAct has always been transparent in the way we work with our clients and we never keep businesses locked in to something that isn’t working for them.

1) No contracts. We never keep clients who don’t need our services any more.

2) No termination fees. If you are not happy with the service, you do not have to pay to leave our service.

3) No sugar… just kidding on that one. (*Read last weeks’ blog and it may help.)

4) No need to go it alone. We always offer support making sure your business is PCI compliant!

5) No worries that you are getting the best – you are… as service is our number one priority

While I can’t help you with number 3, I can help with the other four and if any of the ideas or topics mentioned above appeal to you, please let me know how TransAct can help you in your business. We know businesses today work on low margin and there seems to always be more to do with less, however; we just don’t believe that it has to be that way.

~ Mary Ann