Make Your POS System BOPIS Friendly

Are your customers asking for you to take an order for convenient pickup but you are still struggling to make this happen smoothly? Today, it is easier than ever to make your POS System BOPIS friendly. Each TransAction with our systems is both secure and effective for serving customers the way they want to buy your products and services.

Why do this now when the “crisis” seems to be coming to an end? Well, from what we see and hear, this is one post-Covid trend that is here to stay.

What is BOPIS you ask? If you haven’t heard the term, you probably have used the service or been asked to provide it, but the acronym simply means “Buy Online Pickup In Store”. Also, another popular term is BOPIP which stands for “Buy Online Pickup In Person”. Both are relevant to nearly every business today and will continue to be important in the future.

Allowing for these two very important options today is one of the service-based characteristics of companies that are helping them stand out amongst the competition. Offering this option, through your existing POS System or other payment processing tools, is simple when you have our merchant services platforms in place.

What makes a good POS System today is offering the cutting-edge features that customers want. Whether you operate a retail store, restaurant or service-based company, the features are available now and easy to set up.

Increase Customer Retention

How “Buy Online Pickup In Store” works with your company depends on what features you want to offer. Many of the brands we support have added the option to go one step closer and allow for curbside pick-up.

I don’t think we need to ask the question “why is curbside pickup important?” Customers have told and shown us that it is quickly becoming the standard in providing convenience and higher levels of customer service – not only to retain existing customers, but in acquiring new ones, too.

When you can combine your 24/7 online buying experience with a safe and secure credit card purchase, and BOPIS or BOPIP options, you are creating customer benefits, too.

Be sure to establish clear instructions on pickup and whether you offer in store pickup or curbside options. Be clear on where to park. Tell them how to communicate they have arrived. Designate a special area where they should pick up their products.

Remember, this is meant to be easy in and out, low contact if not 100% contactless, with no need to provide payment at the time of pickup.

POS Loyalty Program

Many of our clients are using their POS loyalty program to communicate these new buying options to their most loyal customers.

If you do not have a loyalty program in place, want to add one, or create an interface with your POS System, now is a good time to start. This can provide invaluable data for future analysis on transaction value, repeat customer visits and other trends related to consumer buying behavior for your company.

POS System With Inventory Management

If your POS System is set up with an inventory management component, you will be able to provide real-time online availability of the most sought-after products. Service-based clients can use these modules to allocate for available staff too so they are not overbooked, or double booked.

There are many key features that make the selling and buying experience better today and enhance the customer experience, which brings them back for future purchases. Loyalty matters and convenience is key.

Schedule a call at your convenience to discuss the options you want to activate in your TransAct merchant services account and POS System.