Live and In Person

Here we are mid-2016 and I am happy to say that my staff has grown over the last couple of years! In case you haven’t noticed, we have the ability to provide live call center response for our clients up until 11PM during the week. This is so important to our culture – we all hate calling up a help desk or the main office and getting the dreaded virtual assistant. How many times have you yelled “I want to talk to a real person!” only to be directed back to the same prompt??? Or, my ultimate favorite being dropped completely after waiting and waiting.

Now, we of course are not big enough to staff the help line all night, but most of our clients are not 24/7 operations. Even if you have to call at 2AM when you are having trouble exporting that last report for QuickBooks to send your tax info to your accountant, you can get through to our national support line and talk to a live person – but if you wait until the morning, as early as 6AM…our internal team will be right back with you and ready to help.

~ Mary Ann

PS What are you doing up at 2AM anyway!?!