Let’s Take This Rainy Day to Think About How We can Save More Time

Forecast for snow or rain? Let’s take this rainy day to think about how we can save more time.

And money.

The seasons may change, but the service providers we depend upon, often do not. We think (or hope?) we are done with snowplowing and snow shoveling for this crazy long 2018/2019 winter season…just don’t be surprised if you see the same crew quick change from spring lawn and landscaping back to their plow one more time.

Consistent service is important to clients and customers and giving them easy ways to pay for much needed support, all year long is also pretty high on their list.

It’s exciting to see so many service providers turn to trusted, secure payment methods, now. These easy to implement, expense reducing payment options allow them to be out in the field and untethered from the office doing tedious bookkeeping and accounts receivable collections.

For people who love the outdoors, being stuck in the office can be tiresome.

Even a 5 minute savings per client in the billing process can really add up.

At the end of the day, this might mean 1 (or more) additional clients served and that should be totally worth your time.

Think about that today as the rainy weather is not actually feet of snow keeping most of the area stuck at home.


If it was snowing, we would laugh at the irony of snow falling after the first day of spring…just as we call, email or text the plow company to come back, one more time.

PS Want to know how you can save 5 minutes (or more) per client? E-mail us to chat. We can help. Don’t wait until next winter!