Let’s Meet For Coffee

Often, when we are cultivating a relationship with a potential client, we say “let’s meet for coffee” and when we do, it is casual, but with a purpose.

We both run a business, we both have goals that we want to achieve, we both want to enjoy what we do every day.

We may not like everything about owning our own business, but it certainly gives us some level of flexibility in our day. We can meet for coffee at 7AM or at 10:30 AM and when we get together, we respect each other’s time and the role we play in our business management.

I like to meet potential clients for coffee, because, like many other business owners (and adults in general) I work long hours, and sometimes need a little boost from the caffeine; getting away from the desk, phone and e-mail is a nice break.

Even meeting someone for 20 to 30 minutes can give me a chance to share more about what I do while I learn about a client.  It is so very important to find out what they need from my services.  With the level of customized support we provide, I listen to their concerns and it helps me understand their business.  I learn what bothers them from their current service provider, or if they don’t offer credit card payments, why they think they need to accept them now.

Then, after just a short, but dual purpose meeting, I am then able to provide education, advice and guidance for what may be a good fit in their business right now.

Later, after we work together, it is also nice to regroup and connect to make sure that everything is going as planned, needed, desired. I look forward to those personal, face-to-face, meet ups and always leave feeling re-energized, even if we just have water.

~ Mary Ann

PS What to meet for coffee next week? Let me know.