A Great Way You Can Help Your Clients – Consider a Referral

Time is so important to business owners. They never have enough time to do everything they need (or want) to do. When we create lasting relationships with high quality service providers, a great way you can help your clients – consider a referral for one of the best service providers you know who could help them, too.

Think about the vendors and suppliers who are the best service provider and how you can give them a referral.

Why are they so great? Do they:

  • Go above and beyond the basics in service?
  • Help train and educate throughout the startup process?
  • Do they answer your questions, personally?
  • If they can’t help you personally, do they find the answer and get you the help you need?
  • Do they show up when they say they are going to show up?
  • Do they deliver on their promises?

A word of mouth referral is appreciated and being able to give testimony to the quality of a service provider can be quite valuable.

Often, the clients you serve are also business owners and being able to help them, without needing to discount your services, is to be a resource for them based on your experience with another company. Make an introduction, tell them why you think they might be a good fit for one another and then, follow up to see how it goes.

This is even better than an online review because it is personal.  Share a referral and spread the good word with others when you can.  Who knows, it may come back to you, when they offer a professional referral of your services to one of their clients, customers or friends, too.

~ Mary Ann

PS If you know a shining star, shout about them from the mountain…and if you want to share their info, please let me know about them.