Is Your Business One of The 35% Still Using Windows 7

Is your business one of the 35% still using Windows 7? If so, and the computer using this operating system is also used for your POS System, QuickBooks® and other financial processes, you could be at a high risk.

Malware, viruses and hackers can impact your business simply because you are running an outdated, and no longer supported operating system. According to a local expert, there are still many companies, more than a third, who have not made the switch. Of course, this is for a variety of seemingly logical reasons.

Still, these risks are greater than you may have thought and it is time to understand them all. In addition to the information in the article link above, here are some important things to consider as it relates to the payment types you accept, how you process them and store financial information about your business.

1) Your POS System: all of the credit card information being processed, as well as customer data, like names, addresses, and anything else stored in the POS customer files may now be at risk.

2) Your QuickBooks® accounting and bookkeeping data: may be exposed to hackers or back end – to use the local expert term – “illicit” and unapproved users who can capture information. This is your data and you may not want it made available to the public.

3) Your financial processes: do you access your bank account, make online payments, accept online payments or perform other financial activities on the computer running Windows 7? You may also be exposed through your website, online store or other non-secure internet based processes.

All of this can be avoided by upgrading software, following best practices and staying compliant with the ongoing recommendations and requirements for the payment industry to meet the minimum PCI standards.

We have been helping clients assess their systems, understand their risks and provide options to help secure and protect their business. Want to understand more? Contact us today.