Integration of POS Systems and Loyalty Apps To Increase Customer Traffic

You can easily work through the integration of POS Systems and loyalty apps to increase customer traffic and you can start today – with the right support, education, and training.  Hopefully, your POS System already allows you to manage the loyalty program in your business through the same technology.

If you or your staff are not using it consistently, that is an easy fix. In this case, a few reminders, some basic education, and how to best use the POS loyalty program are recommended.

If not, read more.

Integrate Your POS System & Loyalty App

Today the option to integrate various technologies needed to operate your business is really important and more accessible than ever. Not only being able to import third-party delivery apps, online scheduling by your members or clients and loyalty reward system generate points based on the frequency of purchase.

Furthermore, being able to set up auto-billing, updating/verifying delivery, scheduling of your children for tutoring (such as making changes during vacation), and more – all create ease, comfort, brand affiliation, and yes – loyalty from customers.

But, what’s even more important is being able to get your team to do the job efficiently. Labor shortages in every market and industry are a problem. Being able to integrate all the applications or apps for your business is a must.

Of course, the systems have to be secure. You can’t risk one system leaking information out to the web, or allowing hackers to access your valuable customer data and business intellectual property.

When you connect the POS and the loyalty program (if you haven’t already) you can utilize loyalty apps for more than just emails, text, or bonus point accrual; use it to streamline your workflows and improve customer service even without having the opportunity to speak with your customer.

What is POS Loyalty?

POS Loyalty integrated systems are when the staff can use all of the features of the loyalty program within the POS System itself. The receipts show the points accrued, rewards ready to be redeemed, and the name of the customer, not just from their credit card…but, from the customer database.

Keep in mind we are a huge advocate of speaking to your customers, but when you free up to even 10 or 15 minutes of activity that stuff needs to be done, they have plenty of time to engage clients in a more meaningful way. Create that long-term relationship that brings your customers back month after month and for years to come.

Do Loyalty Programs Increase Sales?


Customers who are affiliated with a brand’s loyalty program are more likely to buy products on a regular frequency than those who are not. Earning rewards, having promotions emailed or texted to you, and helping the customer to know the product or service offering, pricing, and what to expect is key.

It is familiar, like family. A place you want to return to over and over again. They often even know your name…

When you set up your POS System with loyalty program integration you can take on the world. Ok, maybe not that robust, but it is far more efficient than a system that needs to be maintained separately.

Ready to connect your POS System and your Loyalty Apps? Need reminders on how to better use the systems you have? Schedule a quick one on one today – it will be worth your time.