Credit Card Processing for Tutors

Integrating All Processing Systems to Save Money

For the last few months many of our clients – existing and new – have been looking for ways to improve revenues and reduce expenses. It is one of the first things you do during a time of economic challenge.  Integrating all processing systems to save money is just one component that can actually do more to improve cash flow and solidify security and safety, too.

Tutors and online charter schools, non-profit and member organizations, as well as businesses who have online and/or field based payment options like restaurateurs and retailers have all been winning at this initiative.

Where Do You Start?

There are several areas in a business that we will ask clients about when we speak. We start with how they are accepting payments. All of the methods, from cash, to checks, credit cards, digital payments and electronic funds transfers. All of these matter. How they are transacted in the business can be the true test as to whether or not the business is being as efficient as possible, and as secure as needed with cyber crime on the rise.

Here are the areas we suggest you look for inefficiencies, extra costs and risk.

Back Office Software

Back office software like QuickBooks®, that can issue invoices and process credit card payments should only be used as a stand along processing system, not in conjunction with a POS System or membership management platform that also accepts credit card or EFT payments.

Why? Each of these systems have an operational cost or ongoing fees. If you are using one or more for similar functions, or even the same function, then you are paying too much.

You should however be using the integration tools that TransAct offers for those who are on QuickBooks® because not only will this save time, it will also save on other back office expenses.

Your Website and Online Store

When retailers and restaurants, or service providers quickly decided to start accepting payments for products and services online, they may have inadvertently added expense that could have been incorporated into another platform. (One that they already use in the business.)

While we know that some e-commerce tools are simple to implement, they may be in direct conflict with existing processing systems in the back office.

We have helped to streamline e-commerce and online payment links, to not only integrate brick and mortar or mobile processing equipment under one umbrella, but also to eliminate multiple merchant services accounts.  This reduce costs, and serves to limit risk of exposure to online threats. We addressed both issues; eliminating the duplication of fees and working with clients to become PCI compliant.

Customer Relationship Management & Scheduling Systems

If you have a stand alone CRM or scheduling system and have been using their integrated online payment system and a terminal in-house then you are not only paying too much, you are opening your business up for security breech and a PCI audit.

This may seem like a simple review point, but many overlook the duplication of services from these two systems. Of course more sophisticated management software and systems help to make the business processes more efficient, they may also be able to serve all of your needs. You should look deeper into what is offered, how it works and activate new feature sets to accomplish everything you need under one single merchant account that can handle everything.

POS Systems

Most newer POS Systems have a way to incorporate online, in person and click to pay features. Often, when a system is installed, the requested, primary functionality is all that is set up. You may not even know that your system does more than you originally thought. If your POS System doesn’t handle all of the ways you accept payments, and you have been using other processing tools to meet these needs, we can review.

In this time, any little bit helps and your trusted, experienced TransAct team can look quickly at what you are using to identify potential areas that can save money and streamline operations. The added bonus is that we will also look to security risks. That can be a bigger impact for any business, not just in fees assessed but in the improvement of trustworthiness you present to your clients and customers.

If you would like our help to review your systems and help you streamline those that you already use, just schedule a quick call with us at your convenience.