Credit Card Processing for Restaurants

Improve Your Restaurant Payment Processing

As a restaurant, cafe or fast-casual shop owner, are you looking to improve your restaurant payment processing? (We hear that you are.)

After the last year of increased “card not present” transactions – curbside pick up, call for delivery and online orders – you may be wondering how to reduce overall costs and improve your bottom line.

Hint: It is not with a flat rate platform.

It is time to evaluate better restaurant payment processing options to suit your business sales trends and find the right restaurant payment system for 2021 and beyond.

Often, the best credit card processing for restaurants starts with the POS System.

If your POS is not open-sourced which allows you to select an independent merchant services provider, you’re probably paying more in your overall percentage, per transaction, and base monthly fees.

Save Money with a Better Restaurant Payment System

When we evaluate a business for the best processing systems and tools, we look at the way the restaurant operates.

  • How do customers order and pay?
  • What is the average transaction?
  • Is a loyalty program in place?
  • Is the restaurant accepting cash, credit card, and touchless, smartphone payments?
  • Is there an e-Commerce option for online ordering?

The right system is usually not a one-size-fits-all. Our boutique service model allows us to provide customized payment processing systems and tools that work for the actual business operational methods without adding cost to the business owner.

The right systems improve restaurant payment processing:

Speeds up & Streamlines the Serving Process

Inventory Management

Catches Discrepancies

Simplifies Analytics

We know the last year has been stressful. As we look to the next 6 and 12 months ahead, be prepared to reduce expenses, improve cash flow and retain as much revenue as you can with TransAct. Here is where you will find one of the best credit card processing companies for restaurants. We are here to guide you to make an educated decision about what’s right for your business.