How Trust Is Becoming The New Commodity in 2020

We are seeing more and more how trust is becoming the new commodity in 2020.

We have always been a huge advocate for security and protecting the privacy of our clients. For over 15 years, this has been a core tenet of our services. We help each client in their unique business to establish the best security protocols by reducing the barriers to entry:

• assisting in software updates;

• providing competitive pricing for new hardware;

• managing the rollout, installation and training for implementation with all levels of management and staff;


• eliminating or waiving fees to show how important we believe it is to follow these practices.

All of these efforts on our part help our clients protect their business, their assets and their revenues. This establishes trust with their customers.

When clients allow us to serve them, we are able to continue, year over year, to help reduce the overhead of associated fees, increase revenues and improve cash flow.

With the right standards in place, performing routine PCI audits and maintaining consistent secure processing practices we are better able to advocate on their behalf. We can fight for you to reverse charge backs, which as many of you know, in a service-based business, can be a huge impact! If you have already completed the service, whether it is design, repair or home improvement – the hours of labor and the cost of supplies have already been spent. There is no way to undo the service – unlike a retailer who may be able to accept a product return, putting an item back into inventory – you still need to pay your employees for the work they completed.

In the coming months we will continue to see more and more stories about how even large companies are being attacked by cyber criminals and hackers.

Focusing on security is a priority of ours in 2020, as it has been for years. Trust in us and we will help to establish and maintain trust for you and your customers.

Security cannot be ignored any more. If you have not made PCI compliance a priority, you need to do so. Now.

We are here to help.