How TransAct Turned to Helping Businesses During Spring 2020

We know that there are many people who performed heroic acts earlier this year, and we continue to participate in efforts to support them. At this close of the month of July, with final second quarter numbers coming in, we wanted to take a look back, recap and share how TransAct turned to helping businesses during spring of 2020.

It is an understatement that Q2 was not what anyone planned it to be. In fact, numbers for businesses that are not essential, service based, can offer curbside pickup, or have a take out food model are lower than anyone could ever have imagined heading into budget planning for 2020.

During the tail end of Q1, and through most of April, May and June we focused on outreach to clients who we knew relied on in-person transactions. We started to convert existing clients who had hardware normally used when face-to-face, or on site with a customer to our digital payment processing platforms. It was a simple update, with just a few setting changes needed, in addition to accessing new software. Features have continued to be adopted over the last few months and are now core in many operations. The TransAct e-suite of payment options have been implemented by most of our clients.

Even our retail and restaurant clients have moved to contactless payment methods, with many options that have not required them to purchase new hardware. This includes our easy to implement online payment portals that work seamlessly with online ordering.

We have an optimistic look at Q4, even if Q3 is still a little murky. We know we don’t have 2020 vision, but we continue to look at what is right in front of us to help, guide and consult clients. We are working with business owners directly to stay relevant and, where feasible, gain market share during this time.

We are focused on helping you and your business to stay open and operating, while being more efficient to maintain profitability, reduce expenses and transact sales safely with the health of everyone in mind. If you need to update your account, please contact us today.