Credit Card Processing for Seasonal Businesses

How Seasonal Businesses Can Use Merchant Services

TransAct is often asked how seasonal businesses can use merchant services. There are three different primary benefits:

  1. increase revenues
  2. reduce accounts receivables
  3. improve customer service and loyalty

Increase Revenues for a Seasonal Business

TransAct Merchant Services is perfect for seasonal businesses to help bring in more revenues throughout the season. Whether you set up the client on recurring auto-payments or provide them with easy and fast payment via text, e-mail or a secure payment link on your website is up to you. Most of our seasonal businesses will set all of these up once and then be able to serve each customer the best way, making it easy for them to pay for services.

All in all, the biggest benefit is that the revenues will tend to increase once a business starts accepting credit cards.

Reduce Accounts Receivables for Your Service-Based Business

Seasonal businesses tend to experience larger accounts receivables after the season is complete. Once the service has been finished, what is the motivation for the customer to pay other than doing the right thing for the business?

TransAct often works with business owners to proactively set up credit card processing and online payment systems to allow for invoicing the customer immediately after services have been completed and collect the payment on a timely basis.

What’s more, the process by which TransAct supports its seasonal business owners is exactly the same as year-long operational businesses. All of the benefits and features that come with your TransAct merchant services account are available whether you operate for three months, six months or a year.

Plus, without a mandated contract, we can pause services and reduce fees while the business is in its dormant period if (and when) all billing has been completed.

Increase Customer Loyalty for Seasonal Businesses

One of the biggest difficulties with seasonal businesses is that customers may move from one service provider to another and not have loyalty to one over another. Improving the level of support makes payment processing simple and easy to execute for customers and the “back office” (which, let’s be honest, is often the business owner) too.

TransAct offers a number of loyalty enhancing programs, from gift cards to e-mail integration and budget billing, that will help keep a customer year after year.

Learn more here and schedule a quick one-on-one call with us to start the season off right.